Convention Event: DreieichCon and Adventure Writing Workshop

We are running an event in which we create exciting role-playing adventures together, set in the dark fantasy world of Nexor (a game world and rules system that the Dragon Legion will publish next year). The plan is to learn about adventure writing together and then run the adventures at DreieichCon, Germany’s biggest role-playing convention, in Dreieich near Frankfurt, Germany.

We have big plans for our new RPG and we are going to publish a starter set early next year which we will give away for free in schools. We want to create a massive player community and we will keep supporting the system which is a game created by the community for the community. Become part of this massive project!

The Nexor setting is being developed but we will share a preview of two areas here:

Event Date

The event will take place from: November 12th – November 19th 2023 (Please remember to reserve a travel day before and after the event, keep those days free!)

Event Location

The adventure writing workshop will take place in a place which offers us enough room to hold the workshops and to work in groups. We have not finalized the contact with the location yet but we are trying to get a castle for this. If this is not possible we will find another location. Watch for updates here.

During the convention we will house participants in Dreieich.

Do I need to have any role-playing experience? What is expected?

Yes, you should have played role-playing games before. However, no experience in game design or in writing role-playing adventures is required.

We do expect each participant to run at least 1 game during DreieichCon! So please only apply if you are comfortable with running a game.

Who can apply?

You should be at least 18 years old and not older than 30. We can only accept participants from the countries listed below. Currently slots are still available for:

  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Romania

All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the coordination team. The best applications will be chosen and both the accepted and rejected applicants will be notified. We are planning to close the applications at the latest by the end of August 2023 but we might close earlier! The application will be open until all slots have been filled, so applying sooner gives you an advantage.

What about accommodation and food?

The accommodation isn’t chosen yet but expect this to be something like a hostel which offers us the opportunity to cook our own meals. More about the accommodation will be announced here soon…

What about sightseeing and resting?

During the event we will spend some time outside, visiting locations that can give us the best impressions of Germany. We expect you to turn up in time for the workshop sessions but there will be plenty of time to relax and sleep (however, you are responsible for getting enough sleep!). We will also have a free day which you can use to explore Germany on your own or to rest and recover.

Included in the event are:

  • Flights from your home country and an airport in your area (might not be the closest one since we need to take cheap flights for everyone to stay within the budget)
  • Accommodation in Germany
  • Food and drinks
  • Entry fees for places we visit together
  • Entry ticket for DreieichCon
  • Travels within Germany

Event Fee:

  • 40 Euros for Dragon Legion Members
  • 50 Euros for non-members


The event is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union that supports intercultural exchange of young people. This allows us to cover most parts of the travel costs and accommodation costs for the participants.

Why does the event have a fee if it gets funding?

We have a very tight budget and we would love to pay for everyone but we simply can’t. With the fees of 40 € / 50 € we can pay for the budget overrun so that we don’t end up paying extra for the event. We think this is a good price for a week of adventure creation activities, including food, accommodation and travel. If you cannot afford the fee but still want to participate please give a statement about it in your application. We know there are bad situations in some countries right now and we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to be part of this event, so we decided to have 1-2 slots for free for those who really need them. Please don’t abuse this. We cover the travel costs for the flight, the travel from the airport to our location, lodging, food and drinks and any group activities. You just need to take care of your travel to the airport in your home country.

Who is organizing the event?

The people behind this event are active members of the Dragon Legion, young people who are interested in cultural exchange, creating innovative events, and role-playing games. We are all volunteers who organize this in our free time.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Just send us an email: info [at] Once we received and checked your application you will get a confirmation email. You can submit your application below.

We need to ask you for your personal data in order to present statistics to the EU which funds the youth exchange. We will only use your data for anonymous statistics, we won't give it to anyone else. We need your email in order to contact you. Please be aware that we have a limited number of slots (up to 35) and we might have to reject you if there are too many applications. You will get an invitation or a rejection email before the end of August.

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