GD Training: The Unknown Romanian Folklore

We would like to cordially invite you to a first ever Dragon Legion event in Romania! All aspiring and experienced game directors are welcome to come together and collaborate on discovering the Romanian folk tales.

As usual, our Game Director Training goal is to learn about the culture in order to create a unique and interesting setting and storyline, set in the forests of the Carpathians. After a main narrative is established, we will use it as a basis for adventures that will someday be played by people new to the Romanian culture. We will also hold workshops to train your skills as Game Directors.

Event Date

The event will take place from: June 10th – June 16th 2024 (Please remember to reserve a travel day before and after the event, keep those days free!)

Event Location

The GD event will take place in Valea Verde, Alba county, west side of Romania.

Topic of the Event

We will look at Romanian folklore through the lens of the House of Drăculești reign, which spanned from the 14th to the 17th century. Members of that family are what inspired the terrifying character of Count Dracula, which placed vampires into the minds of the whole world. We won’t be looking at the pop culture image of vampires, but look back, at the elements of the Romanian culture and the traditions of people living there, trying to find the sources which later gave birth to one of the most recognizable monsters.

As usual, our Game Director Training goal is to learn about the setting in order to create a unique and interesting storyline that will happen in the Drăculești Romania. After a main narrative is established, we will use it as a basis for creating adventures for a couple of adventure parties that will hopefully someday play them out on a Romanian Player Event. Adventures and a setting book are going to be our main result of the event.

The main focus of the event, will be to include the elements of the Romanian folklore into the story, as vital elements with which the players will interact. It will remain in the hands of
the participants if they will choose to tell a story about common humans fighting against the evil, cruel nobles trying to protect their land from invaders, or even something more outlandish, and filled with mystical monsters.

Do I need to have any role-playing experience?

Although some experience will help you get into the game more quickly, you definitely don’t need any experience. All you need is the right attitude and the willingness to try something new. If you are an experienced role-player we will ask you to be flexible enough to step away from your “normal” game routine and try something different with us. We will be using the Runestones system that we developed for the purpose of these events.

Who can apply?

For this event, we can only accept participants from the countries listed below. Currently, slots are still available for: Denmark, Romania, Germany, Greece, Poland. All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the coordination team.

The best applications will be chosen and both the accepted and rejected applicants will be notified. The application process is rather short, so thinking too long can end up with missing a great chance to meet new people, and learn amazing things.

What about accommodation and food?

About the surroundings: we will stay in a remote area, in the middle of a forest, next to one village (Sohodol), 15 km from the town of Câmpeni.

We will be accommodated in a large wooden house with shared toilets, with basic and decent conditions, with rooms of 4–8 beds (single person beds). We will take care of our cleanliness of the whole venue and have lights-out policy after midnight.

The rooms are heated, but we expect cold evenings, as we are close to the mountains. The internet connection is very limited, and the Wi-Fi coverage is short.

The dining space is indoor. The food will be cooked on the spot, and we will self-organize with the dishes, cleaning, administration and everything else. We will use indoor shoes for the house and the working room. We will have three meals daily.

The venue has very strict rules regarding alcohol consumption and smoking. In other words, no smoking and no drinking policy.

What about sightseeing and resting?

The place is in the middle of the nature in the Carpathians, with only few houses around. We are deep into the forest, far from cities and other distractions. Plenty of crickets to listen, millions of stars and the moon to gaze at, during the night.

We will have one day for exploring the nature around the venue on a hike. The hike is a part of the program, so please make sure you bring suitable shoes and a raincoat. The difficulty is not high, nevertheless we will be out in the nature.


What to bring with you:

  • Rain jacket, warm clothing, hat, scarf, warm socks, indoor shoes
  • Proper shoes for wet terrain and forest
  • Medicines (according to your medical condition) & some extra in case you catch a cold
  • Towel + personal hygiene products (we don’t have spare towels), bottle for water (tap water is not guaranteed to be safe)
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Any products that you really need for yourself (we will not have access to a shop in the proximity of the venue, but for urgent need we will be able to accommodate this)

The forecast for the event days, shows some rain, clouds, with chances for sun, and the temperature will from 20 to 25 degrees during the day, and will drop to around 5, during the night. Romania is also more humid than dry.

Optional but worth noting:

  • Light source (for treks around the venue)
  • Laptop or personal diary for taking all the inspiration for the story creation and for the follow-up activities
  • Materials that you use during the week, such as books, cards, dice, board games etc.

Included in the event are

  • Flights from your home country and an airport in your area (might not be the closest one since we need to take cheap flights for everyone to stay within the budget)
  • Accommodation in Romania
  • Food and drinks

Event Fee:

  • 40 Euros for Dragon Legion Members
  • 50 Euros for non-members


The event is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union that supports intercultural exchange of young people. This allows us to cover most parts of the travel costs and accommodation costs for the participants.


Depending on the starting point of your journey, the easiest transportation mean could be by:

  • Plane: airports in Cluj Napoca or Timisoara, or in Hungary – Budapest or Debrecen
  • Train or bus to Cluj Napoca or Alba Iulia, Câmpeni or Abrud.
  • Taxi fares are not reimbursable.
  • The closest bus service operates to Câmpeni

Who is organizing the event?

Asociația Idei și Proiecte pentru Tineri Activi – Romania
Dragon Legion – Germany

Need more information?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Just send us an email: dragon.legion.official @

Once we received and checked your application you will get a confirmation email. You can submit your application below.

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