GD Training: Vikings of Denmark

For the very first time, Dragon Legion travels to Denmark; and we would like to invite participants here to help design a wonderful adventure and setting. Experienced as well as aspiring Game Directors will gather in Denmark, learn about the setting of historical Denmark in the 8th and 9th Century; then set out to create a series of interconnected adventures that will be used for a Player Event set in Denmark at a future date.

Through a series of workshops, we will practice Game Director skills and cooperation between multiple Game Directors as is done in a typical Dragon Legion Player Event.

Event Date

The event will take place from October 21st to October 28th, with a day before and after reserved for traveling to the event.

Event Location

This GD event will be located in the uplands of Copenhagen. Here, we will be staying in a cabin that we rent from a local Live Action Role Playing Association.

Topic of the Event

We aim to make a story set in the early days of the Danish kingdom, during the end of the period most commonly associated with the vikings. It is a period of upheaval, change and opportunity, and ripe for stories about the people who live in that time.

Do I need to have any role-playing experience?

Experience with Game Directing is not needed, but would probably help you to understand our event a lot faster.

Who can apply?

You must at least be 18 years old. We accept participants from: Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania and Sweden.

All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the coordination team. The best applications will be chosen and both the accepted and rejected applicants will be notified. The application will be open until all slots have been filled, so applying sooner gives you an advantage.

What about accommodation and food?

As stated before, we will be staying in a cabin in the Harreskov Forest (Ballerupvej 93, 3500 Værløse, Danmark) ( ). The cabin has two dormitories with three level bunk-beds, two shower-rooms, with a main hall and a conference room at our disposal.
We will be doing our own cooking in the kitchen and there is the option of staying the night in outdoor shelters if you feel like roughing it up.

As this is a cabin, not a hotel, you will need to bring your own sleeping bag.

What about sightseeing and resting?

The event is placed near a large Danish forest, so it is possible to enjoy the surrounding nature  and perhaps even use public transportation to go to nearby towns. Hiking is also an option. However, we expect you to be at the workshops at the assigned times.
We aim to take the group on one or two excursions to museums and historical sites that relates to the topic of the event.

In the middle of the event, there will be a day of rest where you can go into Copenhagen and do some sightseeing or rest up if need be.


Since this is the end of October, good footwear and warm clothing is probably the most prudent choice, but bear in mind that Denmark can be quite different from day to day. Expect colder weather, and bring dirt-resistant clothing as we do not have access to a clothes washer on site.
You will probably also need to bring earplugs or other sound-canceling headwear if needed for the best level of sleep.

Included in the event are:

  • Flights from your home country and an airport in your area (might not be the closest one since we need to take cheap flights for everyone to stay within the budget)
  • Accommodation in Denmark
  • Food and drinks
  • Entry fees for places we visit together
  • Travels within Denmark

Event Fee:

  • 40 Euros for Dragon Legion Members
  • 50 Euros for non-members


The event is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union that supports intercultural exchange of young people. This allows us to cover most parts of the travel costs and accommodation costs for the participants.

Why does the event have a fee if it gets funding?

We have a very tight budget and we would love to pay for everyone but we simply can’t. With the fees of 40 € / 50 € we can pay for the budget overrun so that we don’t end up paying extra for the event. We think this is a good price for a week of role-playing experience, including food, accommodation and travel. If you cannot afford the fee but still want to participate please give a statement about it in your application. We know there are bad situations in some countries right now and we want to make sure that everyone has the chance to be part of this event, so we decided to have 1-2 slots for free for those who really need them. Please don’t abuse this. We cover the travel costs for the flight, the travel from the airport to our location, lodging, food and drinks and any group activities. You just need to take care of your travel to the airport in your home country.


Expect to arrive at Copenhagen Airport, and after that, we will be transporting you to the cabin, mostly likely through public transportation or organized car-pools.

Who is organizing the event?

Dragon Legion is an organization of people with a passion for cultural exchange, event creation and role-playing games. The organizers are volunteers who organize the event in their spare time. The Danish part of Dragon Legion is also a part of Bifrost, the Danish National Association for Creative Development of Youths, which serves as the national hobby organization for Role-Playing Games.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Just send us an email: info [at] Once we received and checked your application you will get a confirmation email. You can submit your application below.

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