We are a non-profit organization, a community of people from all over Europe, united by a shared passion: Bringing people together across borders with unique RPG adventures, events, and game design.

We are so much more than the sum of our parts. Our members are a diverse group of people, spanning 18 countries. We are an inclusive community to all. We are creatives, game designers, students, travelers, artists, engineers, youth workers and so much more.
We are Dragon Legion. We aim to build an open minded participatory community where we create, learn and play together. We believe in the power of RPGs, developing the European Role-play Approach (ERA), building new approaches to non-formal learning and innovating the concept of gamification.
We see Role playing games as a powerful tool, not only to bring people together, but as a mode of self development, training creative critical thinking, social skills and cultivating cultural exchange.

We have been running unique immersive RPG events for over 7 years in 8 European countries and developing the ERA as a non-formal learning technique.
We create educational role-play systems for schools,  our events and members based on real world mythologies.
Our online discord server is a hub for many creative projects, used for workshops, games, meetings and remote collaboration.

We recently had major problems with hackers who managed to infect our website with malware. This is why we have a simple website with reduced content online. We will slowly bring the full content back.