FREE Dragon Legion workshops

Create better game experiences (FREE WORKSHOPS)

This workshop series will be focused on creating better game experiences for pen and paper roleplaying games as well as boardgames.

Each workshop will be 2-3 hours. Fill in the form at the bottom or comment on social media if you want to participate. Drop-ins are welcome! Bring your own drinks and snacks!

Time: 18.00pm

Location: Friedrick-karl-str.200, 50735 Köln

Take tram number 16 to Amsterdamer Str. or number 12/15 to Neusser Str./ Gürtel.

This is the location of Dragon Legion HQ, where most workshops will take place.

Upcoming workshop

15.10.22 RPGs character creation, narratively and emotionally compelling.

Come join us doing character creation in the Cologne HQ where you will learn to break the mold of your character and create a new, exciting way to think of your character and the inter player relation!